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Institutional Garbage Bags

W. Ralston is a true pioneer in the garbage bag market, manufacturing our first products in the early 1950’s. Since then, we have expanded our product line to include the widest variety of products manufactured by any company in the country.

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We take our position as a market leader very seriously. We were the first in Canada to introduce linear low density resin, the first to introduce an anti-bacterial additive, the first to obtain UL Ecologo certification for the use of post-consumer recycled resin, the first to offer one-at-a-time bag dispensing, the first to introduce biodegradable film, the first to introduce BPI/BNQ certified compostable bio-resins.

2400 Series Food Grade Bags – Clear

Food Contact Bags approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Manufactured with food safe premium resins, these crystal clear polyethylene bags are ideal for packaging fresh, frozen, meat, fruit, vegetables, poultry etc, stored at refrigerated and frozen temperatures.

2500 Series Ultra Grade Bags – Recycled – Black – UL Ecologo Certified

High quality virgin super hexene blend including post-industrial & post-consumer recycled resin – Our thickest and highest strength bags.

2600 Series Value Plus Bags – Recycled – Black – UL Ecologo Certified

Optimal Quality & Strength including very high percentage of post-industrial & post-consumer recycled resin.

EcoPerformance Bags – Recycled – Clear & Black – UL Ecologo Certified

Optimal Quality, Strength & Performance – Our NEWEST Line of Environmentally Responsible, Sustainability & Economical Bags – Over 80% Post-Industrial / Post-Consumer Recycled Resin.

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2700 Series Premium Bags – Recycled – Black – UL Ecologo Certified

High quality virgin resin blend including post-industrial & post-consumer recycled resin – Similar to our 2500 Series Ultra Grade bags but thinner and less plastic.

2800 Series High Density Bags – Frosted & Black

Made from high density, high molecular weight. A premium quality virgin roll form bag using up to 50% less plastic. Tremendous cost savings = bag price + shipping + warehouse costs.

2900 Series Ultra Bags – Clear and Colours

Made with a virgin rich blend of recycled post-industrial and premium LLDPE resin. Contain no toxic inks and meet requirements for CEPA – Canadian Environmental Protection Act for manufacture and transport.

6000 Series Asbestos Abatement Bags – Yellow & Natural

Made from Premium Raw Materials our Quality Abatement Series Bags exceed all Government and Industry Safety Standards.  Lab tested and approved for Puncture Resistance, Tensile Strength, Load Capacity, Seal Integrity and  safe for Incineration. Poly Film = Sleeved and Include Cores.  LLDPE Bags = Perforated Tear Off Rolls

6000 Series Isolation Bags – Clear & Colours

Designed for the healthcare market – Infectious waste, Infectious and non-contagious linen management.

6000 Series Special Bags

Special in stock and minimum run bags – coloured and printed. Bi-lingual print, maximum strength, puncture and leak resistant.

Curbside Bin Liners – Clear

Largest bags available. ideal for use with municipal curbside and any other large bin liners.