Our Products
Industrial Film

Ralston manufactures industrial film in both Alberta and Ontario. With film extruders and dies capable of supplying wide width and extra long jumbo rolls, we produce quality film products that meet many industrial applications across the country. From lining tractor trailers to protecting a home from moisture and hundreds of uses in-between, our film is extra tough and durable.

We also produce a wide variety of government approved construction films, made from virgin resins and UV resistance masterbatch. We’re committed to this market and were one of the first companies in Canada to get accreditation with CGSB certification.

4000 SERIES Proshield® Industrial Poly Film

Linear rich formula providing superior strength. All film is packed in clear PE sleeving with colour coded labelling and pallets are wrapped for safer transport and easy storage. Custom sizes available.

5000 SERIES Proshield® Premium Vapour Barrier

Pure Virgin Resin CGSB certified Vapour Barrier Film. Improved outdoor weather resistance to prevent premature damage from exposure to UV light. Custom sizes available.