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Food Service Products

W. Ralston continues to introduce world class food service products to the Canadian market. We carry a complete stock line of Aluminum Foil, Disposable Gloves, Food Wrap, Pound Bags and Teco® Bags under Inteplast & Get Reddi® brands. No details were spared; from the Quality, Superior Packaging, Product Features and recognizing the need for Trilingual Verbiage truly sets us apart from the competition. All products are CFIA, FDA, Kosher, MDL certified (where applicable).

Get Reddi® PVC Food Wrap

Our Food Wrap is the preferred choice for industry professionals ensuring our commitment quality and performance. Available in standard cutter or slider boxes and refill rolls. CFIA, Kosher & FDA Approved.

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Get Reddi® Aluminum Foil Rolls / Sheets

These aluminum foil items are made from prime materials to ensure high quality performance in multiple applications. We have the most popular foil roll sizes, standard / heavy style, compact colourful boxes with easy dispensing. CFIA, Kosher & FDA Approved.

Get Reddi® Pound Bags

These food and utility gusseted poly pound bags are manufactured from Ultra-clear shiny gloss linear low density (LLDPE) film and are available in more than 20 stock items with many size capacities. Quick dispensing and compact packaging design to save you counter and shelf space.

Get Reddi® Double Zipper Reclosable Bags

Our professional grade Reclosable Zipper Bags are made from pure clear high-quality resin and are CFIA & FDA approved for food contact and storage. All bags are double zipper including embossed colour strip for easy grip as well as ensures extra freshness with reinforced sealing strength to prevent leaks. Each bag is printed with a write on block for easy content identification.  The colorful, retail style cartons feature trilingual printing in English, Spanish, and French.  Available in all standard sizes in both storage and freezer grades.

TECO® Bags

Inteplast Tamper Evident Carry out bags are the ideal solution for safety and security.  These unique TECO bags have a user-friendly patented design that is suitable for food service operations, such as supermarkets, restaurants and catering facilities.

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Vinyl Gloves

Inteplast vinyl gloves are made of clear polyvinylchloride (PVC) and are latex free. The powdered gloves are made with an approved cornstarch ingredient. Vinyl gloves are fully compliant with FDA rule 177.1950 for food contact and FDA rule 110.10 GMP for food handling along with all CFIA approvals. Our gloves are not made with harmful plasticizers.

Poly Disposable Gloves

Poly gloves are made of polyethylene (PE). Their flexible fit provides comfort and softness. Primarily used for light applications, they protect hands from skin irritants, keep food away from bacterial perspiration. Poly gloves are categorized into HDPE and LDPE Gloves according to density of material and are free of plasticizers.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic polymer material and are an alternative to natural rubber latex. They protect against water, solvents, and chemicals with a very low leakage rate. They are also durable and puncture resistant. Our nitrile gloves can be used for medical examinations and general-purpose applications.

Inte-Fit® Hybrid Gloves

These hybrid gloves are made of new developed technology materials. They are latex and vinyl free. Produced from special polymer materials, this glove line fully complies with CFIA / FDA rules for food contact and handling. Options now include the new 2.0 version with extra strength and stretch for heavy duty tasks.

Synti-Flex™ Synthetic Hybrid Gloves

These gloves offer superior heavy duty strength with a strong barrier of protection.  Improved formula for better comfort and elasticity.  Our Synti-Flex gloves are a great alternative to nitrile and latex gloves.  Latex and powder free minimizing allergic reactions.  Free of DOP/DINP/DEHP plasticizers.  CFIA & FDA approved for food contact.


Reddi-2-Go™ Poly Gloves

These poly gloves on a wicket tab are ideal for multi-purpose applications and provide sanitary protection. With easy access dispensing, users simply insert a hand into the pre-opened cuff for a clean glove every time. They are ready to use with no mess and no stress…that’s why we call them Reddi-2-Go™ Gloves.